Vavilova 4
Vavilova 4

The living room, combined with the dining room, is decorated in calm and natural colors, inspired by Belgian designers. I wanted to create a timeless interior style that would meet the needs for relaxation after a working day and would not bore you for a long time. At the same time, it would take into account the active lifestyle of the family and the presence in the family of two boys of 8 and 10 years old. The walls are finished with veneered panels of gray oak, tactilely pleasant to the touch and perform the protective functions of the walls in the most passable places.

At the intersection of the living room and kitchen area, a large and massive table for 6 people was placed with a tabletop made of a whole slab of white marble with dark green veins and splashes of copper, which defined the overall olive-gray range of furniture. The ascetic and almost monolithic image of the kitchen is complemented by a large island and a transparent display case for dishes that visually separates the kitchen from the office.

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By Maria Kataryan
Moscow, Russia
FS 134
Design Line
Михаил Лоскутов
Leicht by Petrenko