Bashkirian Scandi
Bashkirian Scandi

The kitchen was designed along with the entire interior in a private home in the city for a retired couple who were discovering life in new colors. The Scandinavian style was taken as the basis, the space was enlarged by a large warm annex to the house, which housed the living room, making more space for the kitchen. A U-shaped kitchen was designed. On the left side of the niche is a built-in refrigerator, the top is a cupboard and on the right side is a false panel with imitation cupboards made from laminated board facades. In the center there are high sections with built-in appliances and a glass display case. On the right, a 70 cm deep worktop, with a sink and a stove, the fronts are porcelain stoneware. Above the worktop is a wall panel of wood, turning into shelves. Rack and pinion ceiling rails in the color of the wall panel. Dining table with a top of ceramic granite.

By ООО Инсайт
Уфа, Russia
K 202v
Design Line
Ирина Хамитова
Леонтьевский мыс